Two Out Of Three is Effing Brilliant

Two Out Of Three is Effing Brilliant

I sorted out the second of my hosting duties for Ruby on Sunday by taking the stage at Ein-Stein’s for the weekly “Steamin’ Heap O’ Comedy”, a show that is usually compared to a monkey cage with just slightly less shit flying through the air. Show started at 8:00pm and I began my hosting in front of nine comics and six audience members. By the end of the show, the place was not only packed, but attentive. Three people persisted at the pool tables but still listened to the show, which is an anomaly for Ein-Stein’s. Ruby let me know when the second comic was up that we’d be doing a contest wherein five of the comics onstage would have the chance to win $30. Normally this is done with a dignified private ballot from the audience, but because there was no audience at the time, we decided to have the comics up on stage and do the “your applause determines the winner” piece of brilliance. With all of the decorum usually reserved for determining contest winners at an O’Toole’s Karaoke contest, the five comics were brought onstage and applauded so that one could get a prize and the others could leave the stage knowing without any doubt that the audience truly liked someone else more than them. I love my job.

Highlight of the show was Mike Harrison taking the stage and bagging on Andrea for talking and booing during his set, while her set was as equally awkward for both her and the audience (see “I Do So Love These Monthly Visits (2005.08.02)” in the ‘blog’ section. She’s the “I AM STABLE!!!” girl). During his time on stage, he revealed to the audience that between him and me, we were going to tear Ein-Stein’s a new one. Never thought I’d be ‘edgy’ in my life. So I let the room know that there’s a new edgy boy in town. Aaron Berg? Chew me. JP Naphan? Step aside.

Then quickly to the Old York to squeeze in a set there. There was only five comics on the night, with Mister hosting so everyone got to do as much time as they liked. Everyone took advantage and everyone did amazingly. Since he was on the show, I levelled with Aaron about what happened at Ein-Stein’s and made him laugh about it. No mean feat since he was busy attempting to get into Gayle’s trousers. Throughout the rest of the show, everyone went a bit darker down the thread. Brilliant to watch and even better to be a part of.

That’s one of the things Mister is constantly griping about in terms of the show’s quality. I feel that there should always be a place at the Old York for new people and folks trying out new material, last night was the epitome of what a good Old York show is. Audience for one, but giving comics as much time as they need on stage and having a dandy show in the process. It’s one of the best rooms in the city and it’s nights like last night that prove it to me time and time again.

Wednesday’s going to be funny in that it’s another great room, but it’s a Titus show for me. No idea what’s going to happen there. could be a good flow. Could be a hockey stick in the front spokes.

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