Well, hats off to Jim for not cancelling the show last night. Six comics and 12 audience members. That’s two members of the audience per comic. I warned everyone not to go over their allotment. On the face of it, it sounded like a stupid thing to do with only a handful of people there. Admittedly there wasn’t a lot of effort put into the announcement that the show was still on. “Well, we might as well do the show. I haven’t cancelled a show this year, so…” Ahh, excitement.

So, we fired on and truthfully the 10 felt like 50. Really fun and relaxed, but no room to move in the club since every noise you made could be heard by, well, everyone. Jason Stuckey and I sat back after our sets and watched Fraser Young go through his set even though he’s still sick as a dog. Must say that that impressed me. Ten people on a Thursday and he’s feeling like poop, but Fraser still plods through and gives a great show. But you wouldn’t expect anything less from him. One of my faves.

Weird moment going home. Fighting my way home through the first real wicked cold snap and across the street and crossing my way I see this really big guy. There’s only a handful of guys I know that big. So I got to spend a few words with Angelo Tsarouchas who was on his way to meet some friends. One of the few times I can turn to someone twice my size, say “I thought that was you, you big fag!” and not worry about trying to find my teeth in the snow.

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