Two Down, One To Go

Two Down, One To Go

On the back of the huge success that was the Lions club, I threw together some new material and figured it’d be time to give it a run over three successive nights. First at Eton two nights ago which, is again a great room. Jo-Anna Downey’s second effort on this room is wonderful. Why? By design the room is weird, the crowd are mostly there for the show and those that aren’t become entertaining in their own right. Why shouldn’t Jo-Anna stop her intro so a guy at the end of the bar can shout at the top of his lungs “What the f*** does a guy have to do to get a beer around here???” Keep repeating, “Living the dream, living the dream…”

Got to catch up with Andrew Evans again. The man is doing really well just now despite his self-inflicted misery. Having great discussions with him on the inability of comics to just do stand-up without doing commercials, or dissecting some comic’s five minutes down to the philosophy of the bit is something that if you’ve not done, you should. He’s easy to find. He’s the guy at the back of the room drinking a bottle of Canadian surrounded by a huddle of 20ish comics being the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to their John, Paul, George, and Ringo.

For whatever reason the new stuff was working, so I took it to yet another excellent room, Betty’s. Brian Coughlin runs an excellent room as well that needs to be seen. It’s many in a current lucky streak of rooms in Toronto that are cropping up and have audience members in them that want to see the show. The rooms like the now defunct Peel Pub and Wise Guys where the show is an interruption instead of entertainment appear to be dwindling. More rooms like Betty’s, the Oasis (where I am tonight), The Living Well, these places have people coming to the show for the show. Shows are not cropping up around them interrupting their ability to have conversations with their table-mates and eat their wings. Looking forward to the show tonight. Not looking forward to the prospect of using the bathroom there. Makes the one in ‘Trainspotting’ look like the Ritz Carlton. If you’re coming to the show, word of advice. Go before you go.

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