In a night of unprecedented not-as-sucky-as-usual, tva found climbed the stage of the Riv to the usual blinding lights in the oh-so-enviable spot of midway second half of the AltDot’s New Material Night, a night that boasts comics taking the place in front of the mic to perform never yet performed material in front of the gathered masses. A subject is given in advance to the comics and though recommended, the subject is not mandatory for the material. New material is a must and kudos to those who stick to the subject thread no matter how tenuously. The subject this particular Monday? Telephones.


Hosted Debra DiGiovanni tore through the list of acts firing comic after comic at the microphone to perform their meager offerings to the crowd. Many of the acts elected to simply do new material that though funny strayed from the theme of the evening. Mike Balazo opened with a joke on pants he purchased at Winners. Wil Weldon’s set was hijacked by Debra’s Freudian slip of calling him Wil Wheaton. John Markey grabbed the first applause break of the night with his gags on the homeless. Andrew Johnston dropped new material on IPod’s inappropriate music selections on Shuffle whilst doing the nasty. Surprise guest Stewart Francis elected not to do new material nor anything on phones. SHAME!


Those that stuck to the theme in some regard included Ron Fromstein, Andrew Young, Andrew Evans, Mike Moses, and Sandra Battaglini. Of those that attempted to perform seven minutes strictly on telephones, only Ron Fromstein and Andrew Evans answered the call. Their reward was decent smatterings of laughter and knowing nods for sticking to the rules of the engagement.


tva hit the stage with a sheet of paper of crudely scrawled words that somehow spelled out a setlist to do solely with phones. All the while feeling he would either pass out or pee the trousers, tva bashed through the setlist filling seven minutes of not-outrageously-rank comedy with the crowd offering some laughter. The crowning glory came in a moment that was not written down on the page of phone jokes. As tva rambled through his set-up for yet another phone yarn, a woman was overheard sneezing at the back of the room. Easily heard by tva, he offered his blessings, turned to his setlist and uttered “She’s allergic to sh*t.”

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