Three Guys Named Todd

Three Guys Named Todd

Since the last update, I’ve had the opportunity to lose stand-up for a bit and do a couple of characters that I’ve been meaning to trot out for some time just now. First kick was Curtis, a guy I’ve made up from Gananoque that just yammers on about his weekend. Curtis stood in front of a Rivoli audience on Sketch-Com night and told everyone about his trip to Toronto and how his aunt got hit in the head with a flaming pig at a barbecue. Guess you had to be there. Did okay I’m thinking as some of the other performers suggested that I do a Fringe play based on the character. I’m still trying to figure out if that’s a compliment or not. Oh, and whilst at the Rivoli, my fantasy was once again thwarted by the fact that I was doing a character and lo and behold Fraser Young was hosting. Once again, no opportunity to impersonate him. Sigh. Maybe on the 18th of July.

Second character came out at the Good Humour Bar, June Morrow’s room. T’was Titus, the old Toronto historian. His run at the crowd seemed to go way better than expected. Old man in a floppy hat with socks and sandals doesn’t seem to need much to put a crowd over the top I’m guessing. So we’ll probably be seeing him again. I’m trying to get another Sketch-Com night to trot out this character. We’ll keep you posted.

One more thing that I got that I’ve got to share. I’m getting slagged in Scotland by a guy that’s never even met me. My buddy in Edinburgh, Nigel, has a buddy named Bobby. He’s in NYC, so I’m still not sure why I didn’t track him down when I was there. Don’t really recall what email thread I was on with him, but I guess I hit a ‘Reply All’ and Bobby took an instand dislike to me. Yay. So here’s the email thread that I was copied on after Bobby couldn’t deal with me:

NIGEL: Mate of mine’s baring all on the web .. think I’m going to start postingadmiring comments in a stalkerish fashion (think Alan Partridge and the ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ episode) to freak him out.

BOBBY: Any one [sic] who has to put down his name then – comedian is a c***.


BOBBY: not another one where do u meet these folk…[sic] http://www.heyitsac**

NIGEL: q – why do people take an instant dislike to TVA ?
a – because it saves time

Can’t always feel the love, can you…?

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