This is Going To Be Sweeeeeet…

This is Going To Be Sweeeeeet…

So after a week of missing shows due to illness, they being the AltDOT new material night, the Gladstone Hotel hosted by Steven Eyes (huge apologies) as well as the Laugh Resort, Brian Hope and I took off to Hamilton to do Slainte again with Andrew Evans in tow. Hosted again and had a wonderful time with it in the once-again wonderful room. Hats off for Andrew for sending the place into hysterics. Andrew comfortable and on his game is something that has to be experienced.

This set Brian and I up for the weekend at Absolute Comedy. Every comic I know has sung its praises as an amazing club, well managed, and with very boistrous crowds. I figured that this would be like every bird course I signed up for in university where on the first day the prof stands up and says “Rumour has it that this course is a bird course. We’re going to change that this year.” So, where’s my transfer sheet…?

I certainly wasn’t going to be counting my chickens on this one. Hit the stage for seven minutes on the Wednesday Pro-Am night in front of a full house (Full? Pro-Am Night? Wednesday?) and the room held up to the hype. Wall-to-wall laughs and really easy and comfortable setting. Good to have the first one under the belt.

Add to this that Brian and I are sharing the condo with the headliner Barry Kennedy. Hung out with him before the show and got on swimmingly. Easy to kill time with him. Too easy. His act is tight, conversational, and adored by all who were able to see it last night.

If last night was anything to go by, this is going to be a great weekend.

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