The Week That Was…

The Week That Was…

The past seven days have been the type where you decide one day to look at your calendar and realize that for some reason you’re busier than Stephen Harper’s budget-making all-nighter. It seemed to go gig after gig after gig without relent and it all finished with a familiar theme at the Alt Dot last night.

Starting Tuesday and Wednesday, I got in a couple of spots at the Eton House and Spirits respectively, both hosted by Mama Hilarious Jo-Anna Downey. The Eton House is by far and away the tougher of the two rooms with a more challenging audience that know what they like and dislike. The Eton House also is much newer than the longest-going open-mic night in the city that is Spirits. And now ever since the Eton House opened its Newfie-bar doors to comedy, I’ve consistently done better at that room than at Spirits. This week was no exception. I did fine at Spirits but by far and away the money-spot was at the Eton. Maybe it’s the three dollar beer.

Friday saw me and Dave Paterson doing a corporate in Gananoque that got Dave in hot water. Seems that he messed up the dates and thought that the show was scheduled the day before his girlfriend’s company’s Christmas party and not the same night. So Dave had to pay for a fantastic weekend away in Niagara Falls as a result. Okay, he was doing shows in Niagara Falls anyway, and the show was going on right next door to the Christmas party, so there was no grief. But I like my version of the story better. The show finished, everyone laughed, we went back to the BOB/DRIVE Christmas party, had a couple of beverages, and ordered Moroni’s pizza. I dare you to come up with a better evening.

Which brings us nicely to Saturday where I was headlining Club 54 in Burlington. Arrived early enough to have a great interview with Ben Guyatt who will be gracing the podcast soon. Keep an eye out for that episode. Should promise to be truly funny. Those who have been before know that Ben can have an attitude with the audience can be at some points, well, aggressive, shall we say. Fave moment of the night is when Ben goes into the audience and, to prove how stupid the man was, asked him who was the president of the United States when the war of 1812 was on, the same question he asked me during the podcast recording. Funny guy.

The place was packed and the crowd seemed to be up for it, if not a little reticent. But the first two acts didn’t truly budge them. Big but silent. Uh oh. I went up and ended up having the best set I’ve had there to date. My attempt to book it back in time for an opening spot at the Absolute Comedy late show was thwarted by the fact that the show in Burlington finished at 10:00 and the late show started at 10:45. Dammit. No worries…there’s other shows.

Like Sunday. With Jason Blanchard out of town, well, guess what that means? It’s probably me bringing you to the stage on a night that had $10 pitchers, half-price wings, and a night of miserable weather. Thankfully we had some folks show up and, oh yeah, comics. A night usually steeped with me in some oddity or other was surprisingly calm and sedate. The crowd was fine, the comics funny and well-behaved and remained throughout the show. Even though I plied them with beer since the big table in the middle were there to see their friend perform and to keep them from bolting after she was done, I offered to get them a pitcher if they stayed. They stayed. I gave beer. It’s a wonderful dance we do.

So lastly, last night, Monday at the Alt Dot and I pulled the ol’ “So you’re not on stage doing it through Twitter on New Material night” trick again. I did it because some folks that saw the first one truly appreciated it, but I was motivated by the fact that I didn’t have video of the first one. Having video now, I can post it and have people experience the hell that it is. Actually, it went pretty well, about as good as the first one with the dead silence of people reading being punctuated with laughs. The topic was “red meat”. Hilarious.

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