The Room Wore Blue Velvet

The Room Wore Blue Velvet

June Morrow gave me an awesome opportunity to do a charity show for a friend of hers that is suffering from breast cancer. My mom being a survivor made this decision wicked easy. So I signed up. Held at the Century room on Friday, this was the first time that I’ve been there since its makeover from being the Mockingbird. The place before was bohemian and was the type of place that you’d go to for poetry readings…which was coincidentally the reason I was there last. Um…it’s changed now. Couches are gone. Now it’s conversation booths. The rugged bars have transformed into martini-like sleek, well King-Street-West-Street kind of place. It being on King Street West was fortunate. It was also the type of place that would never let me in, like, ever. So I enjoyed the overpriced Stella and carried on.

The show started with folks walking around looking at silent auction items that I had no hope of ever affording the starting bid on. June put five bucks on a bowl of chips. She started the show to a crowd that couldn’t hear you through the bingo-calling-microphone that they had set up. The eight people that could hear her for her 20 minutes heard some funny stuff struggling to be heard. Of course as soon as I went up they found a better microphone so that I could be heard. Damn, and I felt so bad for June. It was her pal’s show and no one could hear her. So, I did the 20, did okay considering the conversations happening. High note of the night came from having a woman in a blue velvet top laugh hysterically like she was watching Richard Pryor at the Apollo. Hard to find anyone in a room that will laugh like that, but when you do, you treat them like gold. Glad one person at least had a good time. It was all in the name of a great cause so that’s the important thing.

Thanks to June for sorting it out and thinks to Sarah and Neil for donating to the silent auction with their brilliant and beautiful arrangements. Someday I’ll be able to afford a bid on something they’ve made.

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