The Pod People

The Pod People

So, I hate the phrase “Perfect Storm” as it does nothing but conjure up CEOs standing in front of a long table of board members describing how the fantastic idea of “” fell victim to the DotCom bubble and “Hey, fellas, everyone lost their shirts” as two floors below the website QA person is clearing out her desk wondering just how much diarrhea this place of employment will look like on the ol’ resume. So, I won’t use it. I will say a couple of good things happened at the same time.

Firstly, I awoke Saturday, opened The Toronto Star to find a full-page article on the Art of Podcasting. Feel free to read it Comedy Above The Pub was mentioned along with some local heavy hitters such as Illusionoid, Anything Goes and Total Request Comedy. Local press…we made it!

This of course came out on the same day that I was moderating a symposium on podcasting for the Canadian Comedy Awards. An honour and a pleasure to meet so many of the people that do great work in the podcasting field was mine. Truly great and truly an honour. We dropped a special episode of the podcast that was that symposium HERE.

Having people like Emmett Hall from ‘A Beautiful Podcast’, and Adam Christie from ‘Hold Your Applause’, as well as former guests such as Graham Clark (‘Stop Podcasting Yourself’), Sean Cullen (‘The Sean Pod’) and Nug Nahrgang (‘Illusionoid’) was truly uplifting and validating. I couldn’t have been happier meeting and reconnecting and talking podcasting with peers putting out amazing creative content in this new medium. It was truly humbling and I am so appreciative of the opportunity.

It also put me in mind of the great people that I’ve had the opportunity to talk with, and it’s truly breathtaking when I think of the amazing people I’ve met that are now friends and the friends I already have that have brought their talents to the show to make it the great thing that it is.

We’re now in our fifth season and we opened with Greg Behrendt who is a talent that seems to have no end to what he is able to do creatively. From his stand-up, his work with the Reigning Monarchs and his book “He’s Just Not That Into You”, to be able to converse, laugh and debate is a wonderful opportunity.

Season five of CATP is looking great and thanks everyone who listens who makes it possible. You’re all awesome.

I will now cry tears of satisfaction.

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