The Lines You Amend

The Lines You Amend

Felt way better last night, health-wise, so I walked my way up to Spirits to do the open mic show there. As it turned out, Brian Hope was supposed to be on the show, but couldn’t make it. Why? He was sick. So once again I got to see a whack of people I’ve not seen in a while; Rebecca Kohler, Dave Paterson, Jillian Thomas, and Greg Ricci, who I’ve not seen for a couple of years since he’s had his boy. In fact, I think he did the Old York just after his boy was born and hasn’t been seen since. Children tend to do that to you, I guess…

The crowd was one of the smallest I’ve seen at Spirits in ages. Part of the problem being the weather, the other being the load of drunk accountants that left the place early leaving half the room for the taking. My set seemed to go well. I was third on the bill and started into my bit on the film festival and asked a guy if he’d seen any celebrities during the fest. He then starts rattling off about four or five candidates and asks me “Do you want me to go on?”. I replied, “No, not really. I don’t have that much time. I was hoping for one or two really just to anchor the bit and make it seem like this was completely off the cuff. Maybe I can get booked here again and you can give me a continued list of the other celebs you ran into.” Crowd liked it and so did the guy. Talked to him afterwards and it turned out I was bagging on Chris Murphy from Sloan. Nice.

He’s dandy. It took some doing but we got around to a gig he did with the Superfriends in Kingston when they opened for the Doughboys at AJ’s Hangar on one of my birthdays. I remember being there and talking with him about music for about 10-15 minutes while the Doughboys were on stage. What he remembers of that night was one of the hottest women he’d ever met, walking her home, and…that was it. Always a gentleman. Parting words from him to me last night were “Keep at it.” So I’ll return the fave. Looking forward to the new album.

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