The Joy of Six

The Joy of Six

Remember when I first did the room and it was based on Brian Hope’s recommendation that I do the room because the place was packed? And remember that I did it and there were six people in the room? And remember that I said that Miriam was the consummate host and very accommodating? Remember that I said I’d totally do the room again and hope that the crowds would come in because all of my comic friends said they had in the past? Remember how I told you I was doing the room again this week? Remember I thought it would be decent and have a good turnout? Weeeeeell, same old, same old.

A table of two couples whose ages lay somewhere in that gap between my parents’ and my grandparent’s, and two guys watching the Raptors game in the back. The comic-to-audience ratio was one-to-one which is astounding if you’re a public school teacher but sucks unless there’s 80 comics on the bill.

I am Death to rooms. It’s like I’m back in university where everyone says “Take this course, it’s a complete bird!” and I sign up and the first day, the professor stands up at the front of the room and says “Rumour has it that this is a bird course. We’re going to change all that.”


Same thing with shows now. I know when anyone of my buddies tells me to do a room now because the crowd is huge and attentive, I know the night I’m there, I’m going to be playing to two waitresses, a bartender, and three guys in ball caps who “just wanna watch the f***in’ Leafs!”…And Brian Hope will be drunk by the end of the night, Andrew Evans will take the opportunity to extend his material in a new direction by this time only gesturing with his left hand, and Dave Paterson will once again be funny and give us lifts in his car.

One thing of note, event-wise. I sort of forgot that I said ‘yes’ to this and gosh-darn-it if it ain’t this weekend. I’m participating in Second City’s “The Second City That Never Sleeps” show. It’s 24 hours of improv starting at 10:30pm on Sunday, Feb 19/06 at the Second City Mainstage here in Toronto. Tickets are $20 and the proceeds go to benefit the Therapeutic Clown Program at SickKids, and The Toronto Star Fresh Air Fund. I assume that you can come and go as you please. Thing is, I’m on Monday morning at 4:00am as part of the Conservatory Grads program. So, hope to see you all there. Now there’s a way to start the week!

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