The ‘Sauga Bottom Boys

The ‘Sauga Bottom Boys

Had another opportunity on Tuesday to work a Jason Blanchard show, so obviously I turned up at a Fox and the Fiddle…somewhere This time in Mississauga. Drove Brian Hope and Andrew Evans up to the show and was regaled by Andrew’s tales from the Halifax Comedy Festival. Two shows for him and a whack of good times. It was special for him it seems since he was playing in his hometown. So, someday when you are going through my upcoming shows lists and see me playing the Gananoque Comedy and Bullhead Festival where I’m hosting at West Side Moroni’s once they get their liquor license back for selling alcohol to underage pregnant moms and their designated drivers, you’ll know I’m a happy guy.

Bobby Mair was also on the show and had the pleasure of driving Earl The Squirrel up with. Apparently hilarity ensued in the same way that one would expect from another “Smokey And The Bandit” sequel. The cast of characters turned to their usual tricks before a show. Brian preened his hockey and comedy prowess while the Habs shat the bed against Carolina, Andrew buried his head in a solitaire video machine, Earl set up the stage making it look like a really bad home makeover show with beer and wings, and Bobby and I stared at each other blankly. Payment for the show? Two beers and half-price food. Wicked. Honestly, there’s no way I’m not going to say no to a five dollar bacon cheeseburger and fries all in with two sides of Carlsberg. Book me next month in advance.

All in all, good night. It was my first set in over a month and felt like it, though everyone’s telling me they couldn’t tell. I was pacing waiting to get on the stage. A waitress turned to me and asked me if I was nervous. Truthfully, I wasn’t. I was just aching to get on the stage. The bittersweet moment for me was that one of my new bits that I wrote killed. The downside? It is in actuality a poo joke. And when I say that, I mean it’s a joke about poo. Not metaphorically, not categorically…literally. The pen is smellier than the sword.

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