That’s A Lot Of Jokes About A Rapist…

That’s A Lot Of Jokes About A Rapist…

Just a quick note to close the book on Thursday. I hosted McVeigh’s for Laura Prosko who, due to her new job as manager of Absolute Comedy – Toronto, is finding it difficult from time-to-time to get out and do the necessary prep for her room. So, helpful as I am, I said “yes” to her request to have me host.

For a Celtic bar, and you know where I stand on that issue, it’s a good room. I love performing there, and would love it more if the green-and-white scarves were elsewhere, but what can you do? There’s no accounting for taste.

The room featured, as always, pros and amateurs alike with topics ranging from clowns, balloons and magicians being brought to happy up a funeral (putting the “fun” back in it, I’m guessing) as well as the creepy Austrian guy that kept his family prisoner. Thankfully I had an arsenal of fart jokes that helped lighten the mood.

I wish I could tell you some weird audience and fight stuff broke out…but nope. Everyone was well behaved. There were laughs. There were not laughs. But overall, every comic was not unlike an episode of any of the “Law & Order” franchises. Really doesn’t matter which one you watch, it’s all good.

A standard Thursday that I hope to do again.

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  • Laura Prosko


    You were fantastic hosting at Comedy Thursdays at McVeigh’s! Its a great room and it loves you! We are celebrating our 1 Year 6 Month Anniversary on May 22….can you drop by for a “pint”?

    Hope you will be back soon, Laura Prosko xo

    May 21, 2008 at 12:42 am