Ten Minutes of Titus

Ten Minutes of Titus

Literally just off the stage at SketchCom. Well, not me. Titus. Again, my dream to impersonate Fraser Young was thwarted as I was anchored doing a character. Well, Titus. Whatever. Not bad, not brilliant either. The crowd seemed quiet and were waiting for, well, not me. Got the ten minutes in and again, began to build. Learned lesson number two about Titus. He should never make fun of the crowd. Trying to elicit questions from the horde there was tough enough. Tried to go to the folks for questions and finally got some stuff out of them. I kept having to remind them that it’s me on the hook for the responses, not them. But yeah, Titus shouldn’t attack, only defend. Had a guy up front holding a beer bottle in his crotch like it was…well…what it looked like it was. Let’s just say the one stubby joke was all it took.

The crowd filled in instantly as Todd’s Lunch was on the bill right after me. Seemed everyone and their aunt showed up for the show. Saw a ton of folks I used to improv with there as well. Again, the world gets smaller. Interesting. Todd’s Lunch was, well, disappointing to say the least. Might be the show that they do, not sure. Not sure if it was my cup of Earl Grey, and even with the inclusion of Sean Cullen it seemed to be a bit flat. The lads in the troupe sat, ate sandwiches, and did various fake scenes while eating. Anti-improv and post-modern as it was, I just wasn’t in the mood. And to be fair, it’s not like I set the place on fire either.

Part of the problem was the fact that I had absolutely no energy. What makes for great comedy? Being out in the sun playing volleyball all day and eating a huge meal. Burger, plus corn on the cob, plus sausage on the bun, plus a couple of Stellas equals, well, not so much funny as bloated mis-direction. Maybe I’m being a bit rough, maybe not. Hard to say. Titus is getting better, I think. Slowly, but surely.

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