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Wait ‘Til Your Father Gets Home

So, most folks who have poked through this blog over the years, and have scoured those of others who are of a similar ilk to myself (stand-up comic of large aspirations and inversely-proportional talent) and have pretty much pieced together that Absolute Comedy in Ottawa...

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Back to Traditions in Ottawa

So now I'm back to traditions. There are few that I hold dear, but in Ottawa, it's all about starting the weekend, admittedly on a Wednesday, after the long drive to Ottawa with a Guinness at Pub Italia. That under the belt, and...

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Five Days of Fun

Tuesday I hooked up with Brian Hope and Jason Blanchard and WebManDarce. The place? Duke of Gloucester, former home of the Toronto Central Rangers Supporters Club, and a place where an awful lot of my twenty dollar bills leapt like salmon over the...

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