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People Train Runs Outta Stubbville.

Show #3 is about to happen on this western tour and thus far it’s been two shows, a lot of road work, and the realization of how awesome one’s friends can be. There’s not much that most folks won’t do for you out here and I look forward to returning the favour at some point. I’ve almost made this trip akin to “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”, except Calgary doesn’t have a train station. What does Via know that I don’t?

Big Sky and the Little Guy

The last time I performed out west was at a club called the Comedy Cave. All I remember was that it was cold, around Christmas or New Year’s, and the show was not going to go on with 10 or fewer people in the crowd. Thankfully I brought three with me that bolstered the numbers to a whopping 13, so yeah, show on. Following the two shows I had out at The Laugh Shop in Calgary, I was returning to Toronto to host a show that apparently God wasn’t really too keen on, and found more than a few truly pleasant surprises during the Harvest Fest out in Ingersoll. Yes, Ingersoll.


It's not often that I get to start my day at 5:15 on a winter's morning, but today was one of those days. I got to wake up at that beautiful hour to go to the Pirate Radio and Television studios to take part...

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33418, a Night of Firsts

The first omen that I had was the traffic in Toronto on a Friday. Knowing I had to be in Burlington at Club 54 for an 8:00pm show, I thought I'd better give myself a load of time to get out there. Just...

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