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Weird Situation #1: Talk my buddy DD at work into coming down to the show at Betty's since the fool is being cajoled into getting back into stand-up. He's done sketch in the past, done the odd bit of stand-up ('odd' being 'infrequent',...

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I Do So Love These Monthly Visits

Silly, innit? Who'd have thought HTML would be a deterrent. It's not. I'm just lazy, I guess. It shouldn't be this hard to put together a few sentences, should it. Copy. Paste. Good night. Anyway. I...

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Three Guys Named Todd

Since the last update, I've had the opportunity to lose stand-up for a bit and do a couple of characters that I've been meaning to trot out for some time just now. First kick was Curtis, a guy I've made up from Gananoque that...

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