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Music, Please.

So, I'm thinking of trying something new just now. Why? Because I have so many other great projects that will never see the light of completion, so why not do another? A while back, at the behest of my brother (a fellow SoundCloud user) I picked...

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Ever See a Podcast Recorded Live? Here’s Your Chance!

Hello, all. Just wanted to let you know that my podcast CATP has been included in the Toronto Podcast Festival and we are chuffed. Quite chuffed. In fact, none more chuffed. We're performing at a great venue, home of Ian Atlas's Comedy Brawl, we're recording...

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So, here's a bit of news that we couldn't be happier about sharing with you. We've gone network! PodAlmighty! My podcast CATP, which you may or may not have heard of. It's really just one of those options. You know of it, or you do not....

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A Really Fun Partnership. Howdy, BiteTV!

So, 2013 is now well on the way (Two weeks? That’s about 4% done, so yeah…) and and pretty happy about one of the things that I’ve been afforded.

Many of you will know that I host a weekly podcast called “CATP”, an unfortunate acronym standing for “Comedy Above the Pub”. We’ve had a ton of great successes and we’re closing in on the end of our fifth season. We’re pretty happy. In fact if you go to this posting on the podcast website, you’ll see the official written post on a great partnership we have with BiteTV

You can find our page on BiteTV HERE.

The Pod People

So, I hate the phrase “Perfect Storm” as it does nothing but conjure up CEOs standing in front of a long table of board members describing how the fantastic idea of “” fell victim to the DotCom bubble and “Hey, fellas, everyone lost their shirts” as two floors below the website QA person is clearing out her desk wondering just how much diarrhea this place of employment will look like on the ol’ resume. So, I won’t use it. I will say a couple of good things happened at the same time.