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Alms For The Minister Without Portfolio

Monday goes down as a day of discovery for me. I was not the only one in attendance at ScotiaBank Place to see the abject 5-0 capitulation of the Sens to the Leafs (side note to all Leafs fans who have been so diligent...

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I Know You’ve Supported Me For a Long Time

So some weird things happened whilst I was in New York City. I found myself there on the back of some contract work for a week helping out with training with my former work. I was able to hang with my buddy Darryl...

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Doing Anything Saturday?

In Simpsons episode “Life On The Fast Lane” (7G11), Jacques, the most forthcoming French-speaking innuendo artist to come forward since PePe LePew tried to force Rohypnol down the throat of a female black cat that ducked under the fence of a White-Out factory, prepares for...

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