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S01E22: Allison Dore

We settle in and have a cool Yule with ALLISON DORE. Friend of the previous-and-now-podcast Allison Dore shows up with some surly honesty for the holidays. Join tva, Allison, Darcy,...

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Remembering Jocko Alston

As you may remember Jocko Alston was the very first guest we had on this podcast. On Wednesday, Dec 22/10, we received word that he passed away suddenly. Not much...

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S01E21: Kevin Brauch

Iron Cheff America co-host KEVIN BRUACH gets us sloppy on the podcast. Friend and three-time guest of the TVA Podcast Kevin Brauch joins us back for laughs and some really...

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S01E20: Carolyn Bennett

Comedian CAROLYN BENNETT joins us and talks about things that she can’t talk about in the new studio. Friend and three-time guest of the TVA Podcast Carolyn Bennett joins us...

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S01E19: Christina Walkinshaw

We get both happy and g4y with CHRISTINA WALKINSHAW. Cages of poop-throwing monkeys look above the pub at us in this episode and wonder just what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is going...

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