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Okay. Firstly. Thanks.

So just so we’re all aware and everything’s clear, it was all Darcy’s idea.

The one guy that can’t deal with crowds, packed houses, and looks forward to talking in front of an audience about as much as one would elective surgery, drowning, or the next “Transformers” movie, decided that to celebrate our two year anniversary show, we should do it in front of an audience. Now back when he first brought this up, sometime before February of this year, I was racking my brain trying to figure out exactly where we’d be able to get a room for hire. Where ever could we get a room?

Taking the Bullet and Surprising the Back of the Room

Last week in Ottawa provided a very strong contrast to this week in Toronto that illustrated the differences between the two rooms. Both the Absolute Comedy showrooms in either city are laid out the same way in terms of stage, seating, everything. The difference was the crowds and the manner in which I stood in front of them. Yanked from the usual role of hosting that I do every week at McVeigh’s, I pulled on the middle shift at Ottawa with my buddy Ward Anderson as host and Matt Davis (my newest funny friend) taking the headlining duties. That presented challenges. Coming back to TO, I pulled back on the comfortable jammies of hosting but not in my familiar haunt of the snug McVeigh’s but at Absolute Comedy in full view of a full room on a Wednesday filled with amateurs who I apparently gave some a shock akin to walking in on your dog as he composes a sonata on a harp.

Good dog.

“Zoo Story” or “Fourth On, First Off”

There’s nothing like the motivating stench of the guilt of denial to make you suddenly turn to yourself and give the head a shake. Today’s such moment had me doing the dishes and suddenly saying, “Dude, remember when you used to blog and stuff about shows or whatever? What happened to that? You used to be cool.” I doubt the last sentence has ever held any import, but suffice to say, the fact of the matter is, it’s been busy. If you’ve ever read these things, liked them, and wonder where they went, I apologize. If you thought they were a tremendous waste of time and were happy by the reprieve from my ramblings, again, I apologize. Suffice to say it’s been a weird balancing act lately.

Quite the Long One…

…and that’d be ‘weekend’, oh gutter-minded people. The weekends never seem to go the way you think they’re going to. I’d have thought that the holiday weekend would pass without a hitch, that the celebration of Jesus taking the first long weekend would be simple enough, and the shows that you do are going to be basic, simple affairs with little or no bother at all.

Typically I’ve found that the second that you entertain such folly, you’re pretty much asking for fate to swing by and, well, catch you in the swingers.

Absolutely Crazy

Having been flush with the success of a weekend with Andrew Grose, a weekend that makes you want to rewrite everything that you’ve ever written so that you can get more laughs-per-minute, I looked forward to coming back to Toronto to host with two co-features at Absolute Comedy.

The parting words that I got from Jason Laurans (the club owner of both Absolute Comedy clubs) was that when working with both Mike Paterson and Ryan Wilner, watch out for the closing segment. Ten minutes of madness. To be honest, I was all “Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ve seen Jocko Alston’s closer, I get it…it’ll be nuts.”

So, I saw the closer a lot this weekend. And now I can’t get Meatloaf nor “Total Eclipse of the Heart” out of my head.