Stop press. Flee to your homes. Hide in the root cellar and hide your children from the bright lights. I actually picked the right material finally to gather laughs at the ALTDot Comedy Lounge at the Riv. Let’s not get too big on this . The crowd wasn’t clutching abs that were wrought and raw from laughter, nor did I leave to a rain of women’s panties…or men’s for that matter. The set was solid and good from beginning to end and I felt the most comfortable on the Riv stage that I have in ages.

In talking with others there, we’ve determined that it’s a weird room to perform comedy in for sure. It’s a great room, don’t get me wrong, but the crowd can be very fickle in the stuff that they will deem laughable. The crowd is young and hip and tend to be well-educated, so you’d often assume that you can high-brow them, use eight bucks worth of fifty-cent words and you’re set for the night. Nope. They tend to like poo jokes. Suits me. The crowd there also tends to the conversational. Going up and doing a one-liner set isn’t usually done. The crowd likes an engaging and chatty comic talking directly to them. Again, suits me. Seemed to go well and I’ll put it in the ‘Win’ column.

The highpoint though came before I got on. I was second last of the night and was standing watching the first half of the show which was taken up by 22 minutes of a new show being previewed by the Comedy Network called “Punched Up”. Nice little preview, seems to have legs, we’ll see if it can beat “Reno 911” in the ratings. I stood at the back nursing one of the two free 50s that we get for performing, and watched as MC John Dore introduced the last act of the first half, Flip Schultz. Dunno if you read my blog from a year and a half ago, and how dare you not, but when I grabbed my set in LA at the Hollywood Improv, Flip took the stage doing his Skippy Greene character. One of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long long while. The blog’s in the archive with the title “TO LIVE AND DIE IN WELL YOU’RE ALL SMART PEOPLE YOU KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING… (2005.01.23)”. He didn’t do Skippy but did a regular and very solid stand-up set. Good to watch. Skippy’s taken a hiatus for about a year, but is due back. He’s up in Ottawa for the next weekend so if you get a chance and are in the capitol region, go see him. Worth the drive.

So, doing well at the ALTDot this week can only mean one thing, and one thing only. Get ready for a blog entry on Friday with the subject line “How to Bomb at the Laugh Resort”.

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