Sometimes It’s Nice Not To Host – Two Fantastic Podcasts

Sometimes It’s Nice Not To Host – Two Fantastic Podcasts

2010 is starting out great. Thus far, the year of podcasting has been fantastic and it’s only six days into the New Year. Not only did we drop a great episode of the TVA Podcast to start MMX off right, I also got to meet some folks I’d met in voice only but also got to do something on a podcast I don’t normally get. Be a guest. With the hosting shackles off, it was worth the drive through a 613-area-code blizzard.

Starting close to home, Darcy and I descended on McVeigh’s with Peter Anthony way before the New Year. Holidays being what they are, we figured probably good to get a few of these things in the can to make sure no break in service occurred. So there you are. Big secret let out. We recorded the first podcast of the year even before Christmas hit. Sue us. I am more than ready for this and other weightless lawsuits flying my way since I once declared on the stage of McVeigh’s that Tila Tequila is needlessly famous. No court would stand for it. So Peter, Darcy, and I yammered on for one of the most fun podcasts that we’ve done. Assuming that Pat Francis doesn’t do a Cease and Desist order on me for my impression of him doing his impression of Paul Stanley from Kiss, we’re good. That’s still a great way to start the New Year.

So, I’m in Ottawa. As you often are when it hits winter, you think, “Hey, where can I go where it’s cold and snowy and Winnipeg is already full?” You do Ottawa. Now, a wee bit of back story. In my search for a podcast that covered the Ottawa Senators (I’m a Sens fan. Living in Toronto. I love the hard road.) I came across what appears to be the best one. Sens Underground is three guys that get together and talk Sens, hockey, and they’re fantastic. A needed listen for any hockey fan, not just Sens fans, as their legion of fans of other teams will attest. Between me dropping them audio and written feedback, one of the guys on the podcast runs another podcast, Talking Canadian, reached out to me to ask to be on the show at some point. Since I was in the hood anyway, I agreed.

We recorded on a day when Ottawa decided to show off with the amount of snow they could dump. Following the plows, I made it out to the place with little-to-no skids happening. Yahoo snow tires. The recording studio for both podcasts is actually in Ben the host’s house with recording equipment that rivals most voice studios I’ve been in. Truly a fantastic set-up. I was quickly introduced to his wife Monica and their friend Keith. Joe, whose seat I took over for the show, couldn’t make the taping so I was to take his position. He’s a very funny guy so I had big shoes to fill.

I asked how long the episodes normally go and they stated that they typically run out of topics at the hour mark and we’d be done. We rattled on for an hour and fifty minutes. Had a blast, laughed a lot, and would love to do the show again if they’ll have me. If for nothing else, to sample Keith the Newfie’s bottle of Screech again. Utterly tasty. So far the feedback has been dandy, so it looks like my bribes and idle threats to their listenership have worked.

The one thing that I took away from this was something that a lot of the guests on my podcast say. It’s usually along the lines of “That was fun! How much time did we do? … That was it???” Time flies when you’re having fun for sure, and this was completely amazing to do. I look forward to being a guest again and also more fun in my own house with the TVA Podcast. I think this year coming is going to be fantastic and so far we’re off to a flyer. Hope you agree.

To grab the two episodes in question, here’s Peter Anthony’s episode of the TVA Podcast that was a complete treat to make and here’s my episode on Talking Canadian, “Just for Display”.


  • Goober


    You can’t do Talking Canadian again!!!!

    It hurts too much, a man can only laff for so long.

    Next time you do the podcast don’t hold back, and also next time tell Monica to invite her brother over ;-), i’d like to meet the man who broke my record, up until your episode mine was the longest talking canadian, you’re right…. the sign of a good podcast is when you go ‘that was an hour?!?!?, where did the time go?’

    It looks like I have one more podcast to listen to.


    January 8, 2010 at 10:58 pm
  • tva

    Thanks for the feedback, Goob!

    Glad you liked it. We’re off to a good start this year with the podcasts and like the way they’re shaping up.

    Should be a good year. Thanks again for listening!


    January 9, 2010 at 9:38 am