Something From Nothing

Something From Nothing

Weird night gig-wise on Sunday. Went down to Ein-Steins before I went to the Fox & Fiddle for a spot I negotiated with Jason Blanchard. I was waiting to leave and noticed that Rob Clifford was walking by me out the door as he was being introduced on-stage. Whoops. Rumour has it something happened with the bar staff with some history behind it so he booked it. Made Chris Brazeau who was hosting look like Ben Stein in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”…”Rob? Rob? Rob Clifford? Rob?” All I heard from Rob as he left was “I’m going to the Fox for a spot” and he tore off into the night. Ruby then turns to me and says “Don’t move anywhere. You’ve got a spot.” So I got a spot.

Chris and I jumped a cab to the Fox and the place was packed. Jason’s done a great job with the room and I hope he keeps getting the comics and audience to support it. If you’ve not been, sacrifice the beginning of your week somewhat and go. 10:00pm on a Sunday sort of leans this room to a slightly more, shall we say, carefree demographic, but the room is now full of people and well attended. Far far cry from the days where it was just a pack of comics at the back talking over your set while one old guy slept in front of you while the couple in the corner who where the only other people in the room ignored your efforts and continued to make out.

Did my tight five and left pretty much. The way Sunday’s should be.

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