Sloth…The Easiest of the Deadly Sins

Sloth…The Easiest of the Deadly Sins

It’s not like I’ve not wanted to update the site. Nonononono. Many things have happened since I last updated this blasted thing. Since the big “Didn’t-Realize-It-Was-Happening-Really” pause since the end of May, the following occurred:

– Performed with Silvi Olen at Healey’s, a show she hosted before she took off on her multi-month tour of Canada and the US. Brave lass her.

– Performed at the Laugh Resort and proceeded to get sicker than I’ve ever been on stage. Halfway through the set I began sweating like George Costanza eating Kung-Pao Chicken in a sauna while diffusing a bomb. Wonderful stuff. This of course lead to me missing my Ein-Stein’s gig and…

– The DayJob sending me to Minneapolis to do some work down there. Just what you need when you feel like God’s hangover…

– Driving out to Niagara Falls to do Club 54 on Friday, April 15th only to find out that the show was cancelled due to there only being 10 people in the crowd. Good times.

– Driving out there again for the Saturday shows where the first show went adequately. The second waaaaay more better.

– Drove up to Casino Rama to see Dennis Miller perform. May have heard a lot of it already but it’s always great to see and hear one of the best wordsmiths out there at work.

– Went to Negril, Jamaica for a vacation with the intent of getting a load of writing done, a show or two under the belt, and a wonderful tan. Well, couldn’t find a show, did more reading than writing, and as for the tan, suffice to say that the bar was in the shade. Three cheers for the white man…

Most recently, like Saturday, did my first show in ages (felt like it) at the Living Well for June Morrow’s Good Humour Bar. I had every intention of trying out some new material but it never, erm, materialized. Once I’ve got my ideers sorted all should be good. We’ll see what hosting in Hamilton on Tuesday has to offer. And Betty’s for that matter.

Again, sorry for the delays on this, folks. Sort of got away from me, but for now I’m glad it’s back. Roll on, Hamilton.

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