For once, the crowd was small at Slainte. Not a bad night but certainly not the usual standard. Everything lent itself to an easy night. Dave Paterson drove Andrew Evans, Mike Harrison and me to Hamilton and Jason Blanchard hosted so I got to do a regular five-to-seven minute spot. Easy. Peasy. Shannon was also nice enough to put us all on early so we could leave before the end of the show. Wicked.

Dave goes up first and does fine in front of the limited crowd. Then, well, Mike went up… So, he’s decided not to do material because the real funny is apparently found in bagging on a table of five guys eating fries. He then asks them to throw some fries at him to eat. Their aim being what it is, none make it to him. So he grabs his pens that he’s been using for writing his material out and fires them at them all the while screaming. Nice.

So I take the stage and have to bail out of a joke because Mike’s being bagged on by Scott McCrae and Andrew for not doing material. Nice that he could screw his show but then felt awesome enough to screw mine. Loved. It.

Also on the show, Dave Merheje. Those in the know will be asking “Shouldn’t he be in the states just now?” Yes, he should be. But he’s not. Turned away at the border when Scott tried to drive him to Buffalo for his flight. Apparently he’d been flagged in the immigration system so that’s why he’s staying put for now. But still…live the dream.

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