Seven Copies of ‘How Levesque Won’

Seven Copies of ‘How Levesque Won’

Did the show at Hemingway’s last night that’s run by Laura Nikifortchuk. If you’ve not been (and I’ve not before) the stage is up in a little elevated alcove where all the comics were sitting, chewing the fat, making jokes to each other that were way funnier than anything that would hit the stage. Laura gave us the running order for the night and instantly brought me to the stage, a mere three feet from where I was sitting. So I stopped my conversation with Jeff Schouela in mid-sentence turned around and got to the mic.

Opened the show, tried some new stuff, listened to it flutter to the ground, and had my leave of the crowd and sat back down in the comic lobster tank. It’s a nice little room that I’d totally do again.

Bits of note that night:
– Jeff offended a Jewish couple with his Jewish material. Maybe it was because he himself is Jewish. Must have been the night as I didn’t offend any people with boring jobs or thirty-something white guys with my set.

– Mike McGregor’s extended set of dead stripper jokes and practical jokes to play on new guys at work are classic. Has to be seen to be believed and there’s no way that I’m going to give it out here. You’re going to go and see it for yourself.

– Saw a guy named Jeremy do his first set ever. Good for the first time, but aren’t we all amazing our first time. Nope, I didn’t think so either.

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