Sets, Lines, and Videotape

Sets, Lines, and Videotape

I knew something was going to go well when I could actually have some nice small talk with Jim at the Laugh Resort about Fatboy Slim and how I was the Sexiest Man in Jamaica. Made him smirk. Baby steps…baby steps. Had some folks from the office show up and got the comment that my set was too short. Always a good sign. Also got to work with Brian Hope again since he was on the show. Fellow Ottawa boy Rosco came down as well and taped Brian and my sets, so hopefully we’ll get them converted and you can see for yourself how it went.

Rosco’s a nice guy. Young comic who is coming to Toronto with a fresh perspective. It’s nice to have someone come in who hasn’t been doing the same rooms over and over. Gives you a better appreciation for the town and what it has to offer comedically. Can’t wait to see him perform at some point.

Brian and I were still feeling bagged from the night before. Not much sleep as we were still flush with victory from the Sens opener against the Leafs. The Loose Moose suddenly turned very quiet after the penalty shootout. Nice. I was thinking that the Leafs should look for a new nickname. “The Buds” is the current one, but with Pat Quinn and Sundin both taking one in the skull, I’m thinking “The Puckheads” might be better…

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