Second and Goal!

Second and Goal!

Serendipity is a crazy thing. It’s not just a crap movie starring Kate Beckinsale and a hope-he-made-off-with-a-lot-of-cash-cuz-he’s-much-better-than-that John Cusack. It is that point where you realize that you’ve somehow stumbled into something wonderful and have no idea why. Thus far this trip has been better than that crap movie.

The second day of this trip saw me off to my buddy’s local to watch the last half of the Aberdeen – Hearts match (1-1 tie if you’re asking) and off to see a show put on by Jim Park who has graciously given me stage time tonight. After his show, we stood outside the venue when I get a tap on the shoulder from my buddy Pat Burtscher who’s over from Toronto as well. I knew he was here and wanted to ensure that I got ahold of him to swap show leads. He told me then that two of our mutual friends Dave Merheje and Alex Lazarev are here as well and they’re doing a show every night. “Do you want to do 5 minutes tonight?” Huh. Such a dumb question. Got my first spot of the festival in without trying. Very very fun time and my first Fringe performance. Off schedule nonetheless. They say that the Brits have an honest but violent culture and I saw that first hand. Buying myself a post-performance pint at the bar, I was promptly hit in the back by an Englishman. Turning to him he says to me “Completely enjoyed your bit. You’re funny mate.” Thanks for the slug. Valentine’s Day must be all chocolates, flowers and ice packs over here.

So, my friends are pretty connected for stage time and have offered me much help in that regard. Dandy that. So not to only do shows over here, we go and try to see one. Sadly, two shows that we wanted to see were either full up or cancelled. So as a consolation, we go and watch a show about a woman and her vagina. Yup, you read it right and it was as good as you can imagine. Small venue equals you can’t leave. Especially since you’re in the front row. Gah.

After cleaning up after that nastiness (and that didn’t come off in one wash) we set off to do another set at a bar called the Phoenix near my buddy’s flat. The room was small, a little bit drunk, and initially about as responsive as an evening of stand-up with Dane Cook in a coma ward. My pals wanting to go home do their spots and leave me at the venue. The MC turns to me and asks if I’d like to close the show. Erm…sure. Props to Alex for bigging me up. So, now I’ve got to deliver the goods. I got up, did 15 minutes of decent stuff without too much bother. Seemed to go well with a decent aplomb. As a result of the show, I’ve got invites back from the MC and also from an Irish guy who runs a Johnny-Foreigner-themed show. Yay me! I meet the criteria.

I talked with a couple after the show and have said to them and others that I’ll update the site with the shows that I know of, so if you fancy you can keep watching this space for details. All that will make this trip the better is to see three convincing Rangers wins while here. One down, two to go.

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