Sean Cullen is Stalking Me

Sean Cullen is Stalking Me

Firstly, if you were thinking of abandoning the spectacle that is the Super Bowl and brave the elements to come to the Yellow Griffin for the show there, you best just stay in and order another Sports Bucket from KFC. ‘Riffin at the Griffin’ has been cancelled for this Sunday because of some sport thing. Who do I hope wins? Couldn’t be arsed. All I care is Barry Ferguson’s back at Rangers.

Hit the Riv at 8:30pm waiting for the show. Light night for me as I was just doing the email bit again. I changed some of the wordings around and was hoping it’d come off even more sinisterly than it has before. Opened the door to be staring at Mike Moses whom I’ve not seen in a long long while. We stood in the green room for a bit as he detailed the nightmare that was him trying to get a demo tape together for the Space channel. Hopefully they’ll make a movie out of it. Key words here: “If anything could go wrong…”

Jo-Anna Downey was hosting. Top notch job as always. I ended up second on the bill, opened with the one Michael Jackson bit I’ve got (“The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has rescinded Michael Jackson’s title as the King of Pop. He’s now the King of Pop, Kool-Aid, and Other Beverages Children Enjoy.”) and tore into the email bit. My buddy Jeremy Sale who was also on the bill described the crowd reaction for me. The first colourful adjective you hit and BAM! The crowd gets it. Thankfully the first colourful adjective is early in the piece.

Jeremy’s new bit about New Year’s Resolutions is classic. A really good twist that can be parlayed into larger stuff easily I think. Mister showed up late to see me but just in time to see Sean Cullen do a surprise spot. Don’t know how I always manage to have Sean Cullen show up for my shows at the Riv, but it always happens.

So, if you folks want to see Sean Cullen ever, come to one of my Riv shows. If I disappoint, he won’t.

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