Reviews, Views, and Booze

Reviews, Views, and Booze

Yeah, I know, it’s late but like you get around to everything while you’re on vacation. Sure you do. Bah. Bah I say. Did some touring about but let’s do this in order. Firstly the last show.

The last show went off without a hitch. Good numbers, good time, and made me wish that I had five more shows. Fantastic time. Titus’ did well even though he’s never actually grown up here and the show became smoother and smoother as the performances rolled on. Great stuff, Melbs and we’ll see you next year. I’ve learned a ton about how to go about promo, posters, and also about putting together a full comprehensive hour-long show. It’s been a wicked learning experience. There was one point of self-aggrandizing that has occurred since I went out and saw some shows. After seeing Patton Oswalt I was completely inspired at seeing what comedy could be. Still am. It just went to show that no matter where you are in your career, you’ve always got stuff to learn. You’re never really done until you do your last show ever. Then you can stop learning. I was able to invite some fellow comics who were just starting out (been doing it for three months or so) to my last show. They’d only been able to see me perform for five-to-ten minutes at the Exford, which as discussed, is a bit, shall we say, challenging. After the show I found out they felt the same way I felt, having seen me do a longer cohesive set than they’d seen me do before. It felt good to be able to do what I can to help others see the next step. It’s nice knowing that even though you’ve got a ton to learn you can still help out others. I’m hoping that they’re able to get together the numbers they need to put on a show in the festival next year. Because then I can get a five minute spot on their show. Yay! More stage time.

So, how do you spend the next day after the closing night? Driving on the left side of the road along the Coast Road. They’re right. It is great. What else do you do? Take 85 pictures of the same koala. As I snapped off the 34th picture of the same doped-up bear, I wondered to myself if Australian visitors in Canada slam on the breaks that they find on the wrong side of the car, leap out with digital cameras in hand and rattle off 23 digital roles of pictures of a dead raccoon, or a skunk until it sprays them. Their roadkill out here is waaaaay more exotic than at home. The coast road is this windy road that covers a good chunk of the south coast of Australia from Melbourne towards Adelaide. It’s the B100 if you’re wondering. I’m sure you are. It’s spectacularly gorgeous dotted with little seaside towns that remind me of Gan but with much fresher mussels and access to fresh Mahi Mahi. Tasty.

So what else takes time away from blogging? Wine tour. Four wineries and 17 tastings later, I found myself with not a lot of want to actually put fingers to keyboard lest I truly botch it up. So with that, I’m sure that Darcy is completely pooched at me for not getting a call in this week. I’m sure a supplemental podcast can be procured.

What’s up for today then? Off to the Aussie Rules Football match today, then maybe take in some shows, and off to the one bar in downtown Melbs that has the Rangers taking on Dundee Utd. Seems the bartender at Kristian Reimer’s venue is not only from Dundee but a Utd fan. So he and I will be fighting it out at Charles Dickens pub. If you don’t hear from me for a while, that means United won.

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