Old. New. Borrowed. Blue.

Old. New. Borrowed. Blue.

Did the Laugh Resort for my usual tri-monthly six minute Thursday spot. Figured that since I was about to go on vacation, and I needed an attempt to get some new stuff out, this would be a decent vehicle. The room was full, so I figured, what the hey…

The plus side is at least the new stuff worked in front of the packed house. Figured you can at least get some ripples if the pond’s big enough that you’re throwing stuff into. Got some decent riffs off on my brother’s imminent wedding that’s coming up next week and some “Did he really go there?” groans on the quality of food from the now defunct Baker’s Dozen near me. But it was good to leave on an applause break.

I get a week of beach-time in Mexico. Come, sweet Tequila. Enshroud me in your fiery embrace.

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