Old Man and the Lea(side)

Old Man and the Lea(side)

Until he formally launches his own site, Titus Malcolm will have to put up with hosing off of my site. And YouTube for that matter. Next job in the hopper has to be getting the video up from the Rivoli on Tuesday. Titus took ten minutes and fielded all that was fired at him, from the shape of the CN Tower to riding terriers into the city. Wonder what that’s all about? I’ll post soon. Promise. Deborah Etta-Robinson and Steve Scholtz did a great job co-hosting the SketchCom night and ensured that no one believed I was their acronym-labelled upstairs neighbour that survived solely on pizza and wings. Though that’s not that far from the case.

Wednesday said hello to a new room under a familiar name. Finally stepping up to keep up with the other Fox and Fiddle franchises, the one in Leaside has taken on a show hosted by funny friend [Say “friend who’s funny”. Otherwise it makes it sound like he’s odd. – H!ITVA! Ed.] Russell Roy. Among those trying to compete against apparent yappy local Sean were Doug Pumpkin and other younger comics that bussed or skateboarded their way to the pub. Trust me to be wearing my Rangers shirt while there’s a Celtic fan in the bar. We were good, though. Guy’s name was Gavin and he liked my Scotland joke. Spent most of the night after my uncle (who better have just been passing by ’cause there’s no way my new material should have been a focus for the evening) talking with Gavin about Neds and “Still Game”. Don’t just sit there. Start googling. Russell’s room should be fine once the masses figure out it’s on.

Leaside ho! Not that there’s ho’s in Leaside, I meant it as a cheer, not about discovering ho’s. Never mind.

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