Okay. Firstly. Thanks.

Okay. Firstly. Thanks.

So just so we’re all aware and everything’s clear, it was all Darcy’s idea.

The one guy that can’t deal with crowds, packed houses, and looks forward to talking in front of an audience about as much as one would elective surgery, drowning, or the next “Transformers” movie, decided that to celebrate our two year anniversary show, we should do it in front of an audience. Now back when he first brought this up, sometime before February of this year, I was racking my brain trying to figure out exactly where we’d be able to get a room for hire. Where ever could we get a room?

Suddenly, February passed and equally suddenly, I had a place to record in. Since I was running my show at McVeigh’s every week anyway, it wouldn’t take much other than blocking off one night to record a live show. We’d open up the doors, fire up the mics, use the much-more-sweet-than-the-$70-job-of-a-mixing-board-we-bought that’s at McVeigh’s, and do the recording. Easier said than done. This was a fantastic idea but I needed guests.

We came armed with a list of Carolyn Bennett, Derek Forgie, Bob Kerr, and try-to-keep-him-away Dave Paterson. To sweeten the pot, we decided to make it a charity event and I opted for my go-to charity, Breast Cancer, since my mum’s a survivor and I’m kind of fond of her. It was Carolyn that suggested that instead we go with something more summer-y and local and go with the Toronto Star Fresh Air Fund. A quick bit of research, and being from Gananoque where we had a ton of fresh air, why not share some of that wealth. Done. We’re throwing out hot air for Fresh Air. And anyways, I’ve got a birthday and a comedy room coming up. “TVA’s Birthday Bash for Boobies” will be throwing some cash at Breast Cancer this year anyway. Let’s share the wealth. Kids, I hope you like air that may, if you’re ever lucky, smell of one of four different shades of manure. Just remember, horse is by far the best, followed by cow, pig, and then worst of all, chicken. You’ll know when you get there.

Sadly Carolyn couldn’t make it (don’t worry folks, we’ll be having her on soon) but we still threw the door open and manned the door with fellow comics taking money for admissions and 50-50 tickets. Special thanks to C.J. McCarroll, his great wife Mary-Anne, Chris Brazeau, and Pat MacDonald for helping out in that regard. How’d I get them? Bribe them with stage time. Charity sometimes has no shame. The room eventually filled with people not armed for a comedy show, not there to see their friend on stage, but to sit and listen to a radio show of sorts. So we started it. Each of the comics got 20-30 minutes of time and we went live in front of the crowd. Dave first who missed not only his hockey game that week but also a Judas Priest concert to be there. It was appreciated. Derek Forgie hit the stage and filled in some of the gaps that we missed in his first episode, and then Bob Kerr came up and closed with a piece that made me cry on stage. I cannot thank all these guys enough for making the show a fantastic time. Oh, and in talking with the crowd they liked it too, and it’s not just my copies of “The Corruptor” or “The Hunger” (c’mon…Susan Sarandon…) that I door-prized off.

So, about that. It looks like we may be pulling something quite nice here for us. Since we’re recording at McVeigh’s most of the time anyway, we’ve decided that where possible, WE’RE NOW GOING TO RECORD THE PODCAST LIVE. There may be some Thursdays where we can’t record the show live, but from here on in, we’re opening the door before the regular “Comedy Above The Pub” show at McVeigh’s and are going to record with a guest every week. The shows will be slightly shorter and a bit more manageable and will now have an audience…assuming they come. If they don’t, no worries, normal service resumes. Else, we record in front of a live audience and I hope that you come down and enjoy it as much as we did.

If nothing else, you get to see Darcy self-medicate his way through another weekly episode.

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  • CJ McCarroll


    Just for the record YOU DID offer me stage time in August..BUT I declined as you’re brave to put me up on July 30th – there are far more deserving & funnier performers than I that would better use the stage time..Besides …you little cutie ..we’d help you any time…you just have to yell EM PLEH EM PLEH ….


    July 14, 2009 at 7:17 am