Now People Think I’m An Ass

Now People Think I’m An Ass

This week has been wicked, show-wise. Wednesday had me following Jason Blanchard and Dave Paterson out to Brampton. I know. How often can a sentence like that be a good one? We showed up at a sports bar called CC’s at Steeles and…something. Totally spur of the moment and heck, it’s a room. The place held maybe 20-25 people, had a small stage, and a through-the-ceiling PA. Not the most comedy-friendly venue, but a room nonetheless. Rob Clifford hosted (go ahead and re- read that if you need) and did a very decent job hosting. Only complaint? I know when I host that it’s sort of good to be in the room when the last act’s done to close the show. Jason closed off for him without any bother. No harm no foul. I did 15 minutes following Dave and we both had really decent sets. Wonderful.

Thursday had me at the Laugh Resort to more surprises. Nile Seguin was headlining as he would be for the rest of the weekend Love watching him, but didn’t get much of a chance as my long-time friend Denis Grignon was also on the show so I caught up with him. When the big tall French-Canadian guy leaves his farm in Lindsay to come to Toronto, I pay attention. Deb DiGiovanni hosted, Denis tried out some new stuff, Nile headlined, and I didn’t suck it huge, so all in all a good night.

Then came last night…

In celebration of Canada Day, Jason Blanchard’s night at the Fox and Fiddle was a combination of comedy night and porn give- away. A lot of Jason’s old porn VHS tapes were given away to the crowd and comics alike. Why? Jason’s upgrading to DVD apparently. So in advance of this, Jason thought we should punk the audience a bit so we thought about choreographing a fight. Awesome, I’m in. So during my set I made out to be a bit belligerent and waited for Jason to drag me from the stage. So he and I are sniping at each other, and just giggling inside ourselves, all the while the crowd’s thinking that I’m a true jerk at this point. So Jason comes up to try to physically remove me and I shall not be moved, so he headlocks me. A quick note here: You can tell Jason was in the army. His headlock was like his five-minute spots…tight. So he strangles me… There’s a tussle…A bit of awkwardness, but then we both take a bow. In our set of three comics that qualified for the videotapes, the porn give-away to the comic went to Darrin Rows by applause vote from the audience. My vote received dead silence outside of JP Naphan cheering. Darrin got his tape and turns to me and said “You should have this porn.” Why, because I’m a dick? I think Jason and I needed more rehearsal time.

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