Nothing But Comics [You Got It…You Got It…]

Nothing But Comics [You Got It…You Got It…]

Hooked up with Dave Paterson at the Duke of Gloucester last night to do some writing and also to remind myself what that place looks like when it’s not early-to-mid-morning on a weekend and there’s no Rangers games on the TVs. Tucked into some new stuff and the Duke Club Sandwich. Can’t be missed, folks. Not my new material, the sandwich. The material will actually put you off food for a bit. Bring Maalox.

The writing seemed to go well, so we snuck across the street to the Living Well to Tyler York’s night there. Mike Harrison hosting…how bad could it be? Just make sure you don’t use the Gents after he’s been in there and you’re pretty solid. Speaking of solid, it was the first time that I’ve seen Mike host. The first thing he did was drag people into the room from the restaurant downstairs and from the street. Good point one. Once he started the show, his demeanor and engagement with the audience (small but there at least) was excellent. Flubbing off new jokes that didn’t work and bringing folks around with tales that did. Awesome job and more than makes up with the crayon-heaving-shit-fit we endured in Hamilton a way back.

Sadly by the time I hit the stage, our crowd of about eight was reduced to two. Two dead centre, but still, you could at least play to them as they were engaging and responsive. Speaking of responsive, comics and audience members alike will take to task a hack comic who uses tired, old, been-done-before premises and jokes. Could we as a comedic society turn around and do the same for audience members? That is, if an audience member gives you some tired hack phrase, can we nail them for it and hold them accountable? Case and point: The woman of the couple that remained had a wonderful accent, so I asked her where her accent was from. Her response the always fresh “I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.” … “So, you’re Colombian, then.”

Good to see some folks I’ve not seen in a while like Tyler, Bobby Mair (who did a great job), Nick Beaton (ditto), Brovocop (who had the microphone presence of a DJ at Jilly’s), and Simone (ready for Club 54 tonight?). Tonight I’ve no idea who I’m on with at Laugh Resort. Debra Di Giovanni is headlining, so the show will be good. Once again, I get six minutes. On a Thursday. No more. No less. I think from here on in, since Jim doesn’t like me, I might as well give him what I give anyone else that isn’t showcasing me gets when they ask for five-to-six minutes. Nothing but new material. I can smell it from here.

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