No Other Guys And A Modest Prize

No Other Guys And A Modest Prize

This weekend saw me perform for the first time since I’ve been back in Mexico as I’ve either been busy or fighting off this avian bird flu/cold that has not only hit me but apparently everyone in my office. Yay, the miracle of recycled air. I believe I’m on the arse end of this thing finally, and it’s about time. I think I passed high school in less time than it’s taken to shake this thing.

So, feeling rusty as poop, I did Colette Kendall’s ‘Cougar Cabaret’ room at the Living Well where I was the only male performer. For this reason I felt it would probably be easiest to pull Titus Malcolm out and have him on the stage for questions. Bit quiet off the top but finally got rolling once the questions came rolling in. I’m finding more and more that it’s good once in a while to go and do Titus for a show since it’s much easier to hide behind a character for a while where you can say pretty much anything (“I didn’t say that…the CHARACTER did”), and you get to think stuff up on the fly. Good to exercise the muscles. Saw a great set by Linda Ellis and Stacey Prieur that I’ve not seen in a while, probably Ein-Stein’s, and good improv friend Martha O’Neill who not only did a stand-up set, but also did some improv with Rhonda Riche. Highlight of the night was seeing that Silvi Olen is back and healthy from her trip. Rumours abounded that she was quite ill, and she had been. Just glad she’s back safe, sound, and healthy just now.

Sunday had me hosting at Ein-Stein’s for the $100 (Gasp! A whole hundred?!?!) give-away. Eventual tied-for-first winners who split the pot were Mike Harrison and Brian Kyle. It was a hard decision as there were others on the show that could easily have swayed the vote, but congrats nonetheless. The hosting part since I’d not been on stage in a while was jerky off the start but I think I finally got the audience of a dozen or so civilians. It’s so hard to tell in that room I find. There’ll be rolling laughter and then a sudden stop. It’s like being in a car with someone who’s just learning how to drive standard. The comedy version of whiplash.

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