No Books

No Books

Laura Nikifortchuk’s Laugh Library has changed somewhat. It’s upstairs now in the smoking bar, there’s a crowd, and for a library, there appears to be a dearth of literature. However, where there’s a lack of literature, it’s more than made up by a plethora of drunk Yorkville middle-aged suits attempting to pick up girls from the office. So thank God there’s something.

Laura opened the show and pulled it along like she was dragging a piano. Folks were not in the mood to be warmed up and continued to watch the Leafs game which was still being played on two TVs during the show. Love rooms like that.

Martin O’Brien went up first on the show and got them fired up. Big drunk suit did nothing but collect his two women, take them out in tow, and point to the stage and declare to Martin “Now, you’re funny…” So, that explains his leaving…outside of common decency.

I was sandwiched between Martin and Nicole Arbour with not nearly the expected sexy results. Did fine but was still trying to compete with the third Leafs goal…yet another reason to hate that franchise. Decent off the top, fair ending, and the usual killer filler in the middle was fair. Just goes to show you don’t know. Nicole took the stage frantic to get through the new stuff she’d written and outside of confusing China with Japan, she did fine. Haven’t seen her or Martin in yonks.

The room, if worked well, could become another Betty’s…well, a Betty’s if it was held in a Legion for yuppies. It’s got the seclusion so people would be there for the show only, and the site lines are really good. Laura’s also moved the show to once a month and allowing comics to do 15 minutes instead of the usual five. The added time helps gather momentum and play around a bit. Once Laura takes the surprise out of the room (“For those of you who didn’t know there was comedy…oops!”), it should turn into one of the better rooms in the city.

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