Good to see that the rooms in Toronto are still good. Had a great time hosting at Betty’s on Wednesday which saw the place fill up with a dozen co-workers, fifteen-plus comics, and me hosting. Still in awe of Brian Coughlin’s room that is fast approaching its one year anniversary. It’s a great room and if you get the chance to see a show, do. I had an astounding time. It’s also a great place for walk-ons. Peter Anthony, Darren Frost, and Gilson Lubin showed up out of the blue to do some spots as well as already-signed-on acts James Butlin, Peter Fulton, and Colette Kendall. Great night…but why is it that every show I host seems to go waaaaaaay long.

Thursday was the usual fare at Laugh Resort. Got another pack of people in. Did six minutes. Did really well. Won’t get asked back again for months. From the other stories that other comics in the same predicament are telling me pretty much the same story. If the owner doesn’t find you funny, despite the result of the night, you don’t get the call up for the regular nights. It’s just tiring, sadly. If all I’ll be able to do is use it to tape five minute sets, so be it. Sad, but ehh, it’s his place. When he comes over to my house he can bring all the food, drinks, sit in the uncomfy chair, and he better not bring five friends.

Sunday, got two sets in at Ein-Stein’s and then Fox and Fiddle. New material both times and the folks took to it better at Ein-Steins than F&F. Not a shock, just a statement. What’s happening this week? Nothing but IT in Mississauga. Should be fun. Was before but hey, you never know. I could eat it big.

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