Nice Li’l Write-Up

Nice Li’l Write-Up

The first night of our charity shows at McVeigh’s, “Nuthin’ But Skirts” went fantastically. The all-female line-up (save me, but I’m a bit of a pussy anyway) knocked it out of the park for all there. We raised a good chunk of coin for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and if nothing else, we had possibly the most famous person to ever grace our room in the audience, whose name my Gentile mouth still couldn’t pronounce right, Theodore Bikel. It was truly an honour to stand perform this world renound actor and do my dick jokes.

This was a perfect way to start off the next two months, and I’m hoping that the good times continue for the other shows and the other charities.

Oh, and we got written up in Now Magazine so that’s got to be cool.

Thanks all, and we’ll see you at the other themed charity nights!

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