My Weekend With Dave

My Weekend With Dave

There were two common themes just now with the past weekend. All throughout there was a common plateau of oddness that seeped through it, something like that cold that’s going around just now. Low rent, non-committal cold that doesn’t make you feel bad, but doesn’t’ make you feel good. The other being that every show I did this weekend involved fellow comic David MacLean. That at least was a good thing as I hadn’t seen him in ages. So, what’s so odd?

Well, Saturday night, June Morrow’s room at Living Well, a show called “Good Humour Bar”. Really nice room with décor that makes it sort of West-Village Bohemian. Very cool. I was slotted for the second half of the show, after Dave, Colette Kendell and Mike Harrison (friends I’ve not seen again in yonks) took the stage. I settled in, watched the show, and went over my 10-12 minute set list…then the smoke started rolling in. Seems that some speaker somewhere blew and was completely cauterized in its plastic moulding. The rat nest of stapled wires leading from the smouldering component to the wall interiors suggested that we should probably call the fire department and call the show. Wise decision. But certainly the first time I’ve had a show called because of fire. Thanks to Mike Harrison’s room was on that night at the Shoeless Joe’s down the street from my place so we took a run there.

Again, Dave, Colette, and Mike were on the bill. Show was late starting. Why? Because Shoeless is a sports bar, we weren’t allowed to start the show until the college basketball game was over (West Virginia finally one in 3 overtimes). Playing once again to a roomful of comics and the odd civilian, I finally got a set at midnight on a Saturday in a sports bar trying to talk over a screaming drunk lady thrown out of some bar in the club district as she tries to impress upon her male companion that she adores that thing just below his belt buckle…nope, just underneath the fly…yup, you’ve got it.

Last night was Perry Perlmutar’s “Riffin’ at the Griffin” show at the Yellow Griffin. What made this odd? The presence of Perry. I’ve done the room four times I think and this is the first time I’ve seen him as host there. Oh, and Dave MacLean was there as well. After fires and flames in a sports bar I finally had a decent set over the weekend. But where’s the odd? I’d say it’s this guy named Sean who is a Griffin regular and sits at the front of the room approximately 1.5 cubits away from the stand-up and cackles with the ferocity of that thing that sits in Jabba the Hut’s lap. He laughs at everything. No…everything. You’d think that’d be something you dream of, someone laughing at your material. Umm, yeah. There’s that. Picture Homer laughing uncontrollably to Janeane Garofalo’s bit on having her period. Yeah, it’s like that. See? Yeah…

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