Murphy’s Law is Alive and Well and Living in my Video Camera

Murphy’s Law is Alive and Well and Living in my Video Camera

A great week abounded in Ottawa and all I have to show for it is a full video camera. And a thousand swears under my breath.

I was able to not only make a new friend this past week in Kevin Gasior, I was also able to reacquaint myself with heli-funnyman Frank Spadone, both of whom I was able to bribe and beg onto episodes of forthcoming TVA Podcasts. Thank God for portable recording devices. You, however, may continue to curse them.

For once I was not hosting, but taking the middle spots, giving me the opportunity to fill 20 minutes and hopefully get a decent video tape out of the week. The new stuff that I tried on stage at Tailgators throughout the week worked its way into some okay middle-of-the-pack stuff that seemed to do okay. The additions to the ubiquitous Facebook joke appear to be working even in the absence of a decent punchline for the new chunk. So all week we looked to sculpting the shows.

I taped every spot throughout the week. Save one. Saturday night I realized I left my camera not only at the club, but also recording throughout the evening so that it eventually filled the entire hard drive on the camera. Sunday night’s show would go unrecorded. “So, Todd,” you may ask, “why didn’t you just delete the huge file and then tape the Sunday?” Well, I thought that the late show Saturday may be better than what was going to happen on Sunday. Who knows what’s going to happen.

Cue Murphy, entering with his Law under his arm. He places it in front of the stage, cracks a fart, and leaves. Sunday was arguably the best show I had. And it went untapped. Fek. Well, at least I got too perform with my buddies Andrew Evans and Jason Blanchard. Frank couldn’t make the Sunday show, so in stepped Andrew and Jason who happened to be in the neighbourhood. Good weekend? Let’s go to the tape…aw crap.

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