Move Yer Arse

Move Yer Arse

A fruitless day at work at least was put behind me last night. It’s funny how fast things can happen. Sent a request for stage time to Glen Foster for his open mic night at Healey’s. Got an email from him on Monday the 7th telling me I was on Tuesday the 8th…last night…no time like the present. Had some new stuff I wanted to try and headed down with notebook in hand.

Glen, God love him, tries his best to get the comics to bring down friends, people, homeless, anyone really. The room was filled with comics, which makes attempts to conjure laughter out of a room more and more difficult. And it’s not the mythical reason that most comics don’t laugh at other comic’s work because doing so somehow lessens your own work. It’s basically because as you write and perform more and more, you start to realize the tricks of laughter and it takes more jarring or surprising work or a change in usual delivery to make your peers laugh. It’s like magicians performing for magicians. The general public are “ooh”ing and “aaah”ing, while the other magicians are standing at the back of the room drinking ginger ale through a straw and going “So the dove’s stuffed up his sleeve…saw that one coming.”

Part of the charm of the night is the fact that there are three to four draw spots that are lotteried off throughout the show. Adds a wee bit of anticipation for comics, and Glen, true to his material keeps it as fair as possible and keeps everyone involved informed. While he was introducing the show, Glen mentioned that we should bring more folks down to the show (a common theme) and he mentioned that another Tuesday night room had already closed down making this one of the only ones left. I turned to Darryl Purvis who was beside me and asked “Did I hear right, or did Glen just tell us that Yuk Yuk’s closed?”

If you’ve not gone down to the open mike at Healey’s I’d suggest it. Glen’s one of Canada’s greatest talents and truly does this out of a labour of love. Plus, it’s a quick night. In by 8:00pm, out at the latest by 10:00. Give it a go. Okay, promo over…

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