“More Voting? I Thought That Was Done???” or “Denmark 1992”

“More Voting? I Thought That Was Done???” or “Denmark 1992”

Firstly, let me get this out of the way. I’ve gotten myself into another little contest. You can vote for me on Bite.ca by clicking HERE and I’d appreciate it if you did. But now a little bit on how I got myself into this “I’d Like You To Vote For Me” mess again.

Firstly, you may or may not of heard already that I didn’t make the cut for Jason Blanchard show “Stand-up and BITE me”, being broadcast on upstart television station, BITE-TV. Apparently my demo that I sent in could have been better. Don’t know if it was just the quality of the DVD or the crapulence of the jokes on them, but there we are. I was not wanted on the voyage. Next thing I know, while trying to record the podcast episode with comic Joy Acharjee (Episode 77 of the podcast due out tomorrow), my phone wouldn’t stop buzzing in my pocket. Turned out Jason was frantically trying to get hold of me to say that because Yuk-Yuk’s comics had been banned from the contest, there were openings. Which meant that I was able to perform. That Friday. Oh that would be the next day then. Must remember to send Mark Breslin a fruit basket to thank him.

This whole thing reminded me of Denmark in the 1992 European football/soccer championships. You see, Yugoslavia was in the 1992 European tournament. Well, they were until they decided to go and have a war. So that left a spot open. In came next-runners-up Denmark, as shocked as anyone to see them there. Half of the team were away on vacation when the call came out telling them that surprise! You’re in a tournament. So the team took this is an opportunity to just go out and have fun. They ate at McDonald’s. They went partying at night after games. And know what? They won the whole damned thing. So I figured I’d do the same thing. I had no reason to be there, but I figured I’d have fun nonetheless.

And I did. Second comic up on the night was Matt Billon, who ended up winning the night after following an as-strong-as-I’ve-ever-seen-him Ryan Maglunob. And quite rightly so, as Matt’s material and delivery was so spot on, it left the bar pretty high for those that followed. I was in eighth spot left to follow Dave Merheje, which is interesting enough to do with the best of times. But having to stay within a very Draconian seven-to-eight minute timeslot lest you get docked points, and thus having to make the shift from the rapid-fire-and-frantic style of Dave to the style of, well, me make it a tough slog. That’s said I still had fun, I got out of the night what I wanted, learn what the next steps are, and went about my night. Matt won, but there’s still a chance to get in if I get enough votes at the link http://www.bitetv.ca/standupandbiteme/. So, feel free to vote for me if you think my comedy warrants it.

But truly, if it proved anything, it showed what a difference it makes being able to get a crowd on your side makes. Sunday night I went and did a spot at Soma, home of Adam McFawn’s new room. Brian hope and I were on the show with Adam, Barry Taylor, and Paul Haywood. So, yeah, good lineup. After Barry brought me on stage following Brian’s opening spot, I was able to take some time off the top and just take my time, respond to the crowd, get them into it, used to my style and on my side. Had a fantastic spot with ten minutes of laughs and applause (I know, I’m shocked as well) from the small and mighty crowd. This room’s going to be great in the weeks to come if the crowd keeps coming. It was small the first night, but truly what room isn’t?

My name is tva and I endorse this message.

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