Model City

Model City

Healey’s is a great room and a crap room at the same time. It’s great in that the acoustics are great – and they’d almost have to be given the owner, wouldn’t they? – the staff are without the rock-star trappings of a rock&roll bar, and Glen Foster as a host, even when he’s working on new material is funny and affable. As challenging as Glen is with the audience in terms of his material, the crowd still finds him likeable. So, good room, no?

What makes it bad is that few non-comics have found it as a den for half-decent comedy. The normal non-comic crowd is usually comprised with one or two people who show up seemingly by accident, friends of close-to-first-timers, or near the end, folks who see the show as the blockade between them and the music jam that follows. It could be the start time of 8:00pm, but I don’t think that puts people off, truly. It’s a half-hour earlier than the regular shows at Laugh Resort and a half-hour later than weekend Yuk’s shows. It’s a shame that the folks haven’t gathered to find this really good open room yet. Granted most folks, present company included, use the stage as a sounding board for new material which can range in quality from Almost-really-quite-good decent to Dirt-won’t-come-off nasty. But one of the reasons is that the crowd, comics and civilians alike seem accepting to take the leap with the performer and go along for the ride.

Likesay, it’s a good room. I hope it remains. Oh, and the subject line refers to Glen’s description of an urban centre at night. Everyone was sitting on the periphery of the room, where the area in the centre in front of the stage was ravaged by dust and crickets. More bums in seats, please.

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