Lost Your Love Of Life…Too Much Apple Pie

Lost Your Love Of Life…Too Much Apple Pie

Who doesn’t like sneaking over the border, really? Well, outside of anyone with unfortunate to have any unpaid parking tickets, has a bag of dope in their bum, or is unfortunate to be profiled for their brown skin? I was batting 0-for-3 there, so I got to sneak down to Buffalo to do Kristen Becker’s room. Great room that I’ve not had the pleasure of doing for a while, but it’s almost a two hour drive from home, so it is explainable. The room is somewhat akin to the Riv, but with a balcony for people to watch the show. The weird thing is that while you’re looking down at the crowd in front of you, while the balcony folks are at eye-level with the same sort of awkwardness that you’d address someone standing beside you at the urinal. As much as they said I “headlined” I maintained I was the “last person on the show”. There’s no headlining. Oh, and there was nothing really wrong with going down there. It’s just that the border guards get antsy when they tell you that you’re doing shows, as they’re under the really wrong impression that we’re getting paid. Scott Mccrae, Ben Hur, and Mark DeBonis did dandy. Score four for the Canadians.

Friday, no performance for me but I got to go to Lee’s Palace to see long-time fave band of mine The Wedding Present. You know the rules going in (no requests, no encore…no waiting apparently), and there were still some that didn’t get it. At least if you’re going to ask a question, make it clever. “What did your last servant die of?” One thing I noticed was that as the albums get newer from the Weddoes, the crowd remains the same. Well, check that. It gets balder and doughier. So, yeah. I fit right in. Oh, and the new 21st century concert douche-iness dynamic was also in full effect. The lights at Lee’s were eclipsed by iPhone screens and camera phones all getting a picture of what was going on. Don’t worry, I was adding to the douche quotient. I got a far-off pic added to the many others in my phone. Who says conformity doesn’t happen?

Saturday, busy day. After not being able to use the upstairs at McVeigh’s, I was in a pinch. It seemed there was a party up there the previous night that wasn’t cleaned up yet. Exactly how much blood could be spilt? Really? So, thankfully, Betty’s upstairs worked out nicely. Dave Martin slid by to record episode #73 of the podcast. Should be a good one, were we talk about comedy, podcasting, and politics, for some reason. Before I did Sean McKiernan’s Charlotte Room, TFC was playing New York and that ain’t going to be missed. What we thought would be a night of emptiness performing to no one but comics turned out great as the place filled up in the space of thirty seconds with folks that wanted to do comedy. This is a room that happens once a month and it’s a treat to perform at. I’d watch it even if I weren’t on. So should you. We’ll even take requests and do encores.

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