Live At Five

Live At Five

Only a quick one now as I’m off to watch Rangers v. Falkirk.

Yesterday saw me do five shows starting at noon at The Stand…where the host forgot to put me on. He closed the show, saw me coming out of the green room and then beckoned everyone back to watch. Yeah, I’m that famous

Also I did a show at the White Horse. You show up, put your name on a piece of paper and at random you go up and perform five minutes. Well due to time, ten comics like me got to do two minutes. So, I did two. And a killer two…as if you can. Regardless, from that two minutes, I was asked to do ten minutes elsewhere that day, so that was fine. However, it was a show where everyone of the acts save me was wearing a costume. Huh. It’s the Fringe. I’m chocking it up to that.

Closed off with the usual haunt of The Phoenix. Fantastic night.

Got to run. 3-1 Rangers win today. You heard it here first.

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