It All Starts With One…

It All Starts With One…

So, if you’re a regular visitor to, you might notice that we’ll switch the pic in the top-right corner to fit the season, or whatever happens to be going on. The whole thing actually started with a real photo. It was taken a few years ago at the Rivoli when Mike Myers showed up and I grabbed a pic with him. This is the real photo, no doctoring.

Mike and Todd

Now, maybe you’ve heard of PhotoShop. It’s neat. Not only is it cool, it’s a tool that Darcy the Web King has taken to quite well. This photo became the anchor for me and a lot of folks that nudge in beside me. For example, in 2004:

Keanu and Todd Barney and Todd Clippit and Todd
Todd's Dive

Nice ass, eh?

Then came some others in 2005:

Reba and Todd Bad Todd / Good Todd Lance and Todd
Bono and Todd Death and Todd Ottawa and Todd
Bumble and Todd

Then came 2006. Things got stepped up a bit.

Sacrelicious Torat

iTodd Poster for BB4B

Trendy, eh? iTodd. I’m the king of Web 2.0. So, you can see that we’ve been recycling some of these as the theme or season fits, and the Mike Myers photo isn’t the only one that’s gotten some doctoring. So the push comes to you. Where would you like to see my big noggin? Send feedback to the usual spots and we’ll get them up there for you.

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