“I’m Back In Baby’s Arms”

“I’m Back In Baby’s Arms”

So, here’s a little story about Albany.

Brian Hope arranged a gig for us in Albany and promised me a bit of stage time with a chance for more gigs if I joined him on the trip.
Having never been in the New York State capital, I figured, hey, the road is the road. Six hours out ain’t too bad.

Next thing I knew we were in for a Pride Week-Style gay ol’ time.

We get to the Extended Stay America suites where we were put up, only to find (and if you ever decide to enjoy your evening rest at one of these fine establishments, do keep this in mind) that no rooms have two beds. One Queen [insert first of many gay references]. So already, hunker-down scenes of “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” came to mind.

We get to the venue way in advance of show time. The venue? Off-track betting place. Not wanting to spend that much time surrounded by crippling depression, we ventured outside to find a drink elsewhere.
Across the street we found a place that met the criteria. Close, open, and serving. On to George Bar, then.

Being the only two clients in the joint we talked with the bartender.
Now, the place was lounge-ish, stylish, and playing videos of Cindi Lauper on TVs armed with bottle after bottle of Absolute vodka. My gaydar correctly went off. Joe the Bartender tells the two breeders in the room that this is indeed a gay bar. Brian claims he had no idea, but now he’s become suspect. Joe by the way was fantastic and we vowed to return.

Show was full of folks and my five minutes off the top gained me a paid return visit it sounds like. Dee the host and booker was impressed with the two Canucks so hopefully we’ll get back soon. The other comics on the night, Aaron David Ward and Amaru drove the place crazy, but in a True to our word we returned to George Bar, drank with a room full of Albany’s finest clutch of gay males. Just like TO queers, they know how to host a party. Joe, by this point out from behind the bar, hosted divinely.

Now off to bed. Splitting the bed down the middle a la “I Love Lucy” sleep was attempted. For those of you who don’t know, Brian snores like a choir of chainsaws in Loudtown. And I can only hope that it was his elbow lodged in the small of my back all night.

Post-Script: Both legs of the trip had Brian ask to listen to an assortment of the TVA podcast. You don’t realize how much abuse he gets on the show until he’s sitting beside you driving at 75 miles an hour. He’ll be back on the show in April. Consider yourselves warned.

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