I Think Jason Blanchard Doesn’t Like His Ex

I Think Jason Blanchard Doesn’t Like His Ex

I had the opportunity to perform a couple of sets at Jason Blanchard’s Fox&Fiddle night last night under the theme of “Bash Your Ex”, celebrating his recent divorce. The place was standing room only by quarter to 10:00pm. The show kicked off shortly after ten. Everyone that took the stage had decent sets as far as I can see given the usual dynamic of the Fox&Fiddle, that being listeners to the front, talkers to the back. Everyone stuck to the theme at hand, tenuously at times, and delivered.

The fun thing I found was that this was a theme night that was working. Everyone had at the very least decent sets. And the amount of support was huge. Comics were showing up not for spots but just to actually watch the spectacle and support the room, which was lovely to see. Add to this the fact that this demonstrated that the theme night can in fact work. I’m sure we’ve all seen or have been part of theme nights that are well and truly horrible. This wasn’t, and I feel it has everything to do with the organizer. Jason wanted to perform a night in celebration of an event close to his heart based on a theme that we all can relate to. This night was an example of decent theme nights that work (Cougar Cabaret comes to mind as another evening that completely works.

Congrats to Jason for putting on a great show. Thanks to all that performed and supported the great night. And everyone keep an eye out for Jason. If you can’t get him home, at least give us the intersection of the gutter he’s lying in this morning. The pints were flowing, is my point.

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